Journey to love Allah

Dear people we try finding love and attention in this world of selfishness where everyone cares only about themselves ignoring the fact that millions are in crisis,everyone wants attention and high status believing that luxurious lifestyle will make people love them but is that really true? No it isn’t such things leads to competition making you fall in anxiety, stress and tensions.Now what really is true love, the true love is when one falls in love with Allah, why do we perceive that Allah will not forgive us, indeed He is not like the cruel rulers of this world but He is Rehman and Raheem. He lives in our hearts and His love can be found in our blood running in the vessels because He created us.He knows our nature so He has already written each and every detail of our deeds in lawh e mahfuz (the book offer deeds).Allah judges us by the condition of our heart and He is with broken hearts.He loves His creations the most so what do you worry about?

Go! Prostrate before Him,sit in front of Him and share each and every little details of your heart with Him,He will listen to you.Why do you go after people sharing your grief with them when they don’t even want to listen you?Even they want someone to listen to them so why don’t you sit before the One who made you and knows your nature and secrets?when once you will start talking to Allah knowing that everything comes from Him you will eventually fell in love and you will cry your heart out in His remembrance, what else could be better than remembering Allah?Indeed you will then find yourself in much more peace and your heart will feel light.

Journey to find Allah

I am a 16 year old Muslim and from the age of 11 my life has become a journey to find Allah and I am indeed very curious how Allah will guide me.When a Muslim reaches the stage of puberty he/she must protect his /her vision and I believe that internet is the biggest problem for our youth these devices has enabled a person to commit sin by just one click like by just one click you can listen to a song than you click on another song and just like this you continue to waste precious moments of life for this temporary pleasure ignoring the fact that such people in Akhira/hereafter will regret if they continue to waste there time in watching movies,songs which might lead to inappropriate stuff on the internet. Dear people Islam is based on human nature what we see goes to our brain and directly to our hearts so we must ask for guidance from Allah and should not wait but start walking towards the right path .Why are we watching Indian movies listening to songs and promoting the evil leading to guilt,shame and depression.

Nothing comes good from these temporary pleasures and relief.The most important thing is that we must start reading the translation of Quran and understand its meaning. One must remember that hypocrisy in Islam is also when one surround itself with friends and gatherings that leads you to evil, making bad friends can make one loose his faith though one might think that it won’t effect them but it does in a sense that when their bad friends commit bad deeds one might at first be uncomfortable with it and might accept as a bad deed but when he/she are spending their time with such friends they start finding such bad deeds common and eventually commit such deeds,may Allah save us from bad deeds.So when that person commits that bad deed he will initially feel guilty about it but at one point he will think that maybe Islam is making him feel this way and will start blaming on its teachings which will lead him to loose his faith so dear people don’t make friends who does bad deeds like smoking,drinking and all that is forbidden in Islam.

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